Doctors and health advocates everywhere agree lifestyle is key to better health. Research shows that yoga movements, breathing and meditation have a profound effect on the human system. I can help you make the changes that will improve your health, naturally! Schedule Appointment

Healthy Lifestyles Don’t Happen by Accident

They are created by a series of intelligent choices and actions. You know you should change your diet and start exercising, but haven’t been able to get started. Working with someone who is committed to your success (me!) can literally change your life.

Right now, my mission is three-fold. I work one-on-one as a health coach and advocate to help you set goals, and then make changes to diet, lifestyle and activities. Second, I offer yoga in a therapeutic context to help you connect with your body, mind and spirit as a means of self care and transformation. Third, Chef Jenn and I provide empowering and fun education in the form of whole-food cooking classes so that you can feel confident preparing nourishing and healthful meals at home. 


The Thoughtful Kitchen Cooking Classes

 These whole-food cooking classes are super fun and loaded with useful information/skills that you’ll take away and use at home. Here’s what’s coming up in the next few months. Register Now!

  • October 16 – It’s Sweater Time, and What Better Time for Soup!
    Coconut Curry Lentil Soup, Papaya Salad, Greek Yogurt topped with a warming Raisin & Ginger Chutney
    There is nothing better than hunkering down under a blanket with a nice steamy bowl of soup and a good hunk of crusty bread, even if it is on the beach! We will talk about the different kinds of lentils, how to cook them and why they are so darn tasty and good for us. This soup comes together quick, makes a ton and, is delicious. The papaya salad is light and refreshing and perfect with the flavors of the soup. Jenn’s chutney is fantastic served over Greek yogurt, plus it doubles as a topping for pork or chicken. You will definitely want to make extra.
  • November 6 – Thanksgiving. Let me show you how to make a show stopper turkey, AND you get to sleep in!
  • December 4 – A Christmas meal that’s guaranteed to make you a hero!


What Clients are Saying

Recovery from Chronic Pain and Stress

Over the course of a year, Laura taught me, a harried graduate student with severe neck pain, to learn how to breathe without pain or tension by meeting my body where it was, lying on my back, day in and day out, until it became natural. She listened patiently… >> more.

Results with Nutrition

I worked with Laura for a number of months with great success!  Laura went beyond the traditional approach of any other nutritionist that I had worked with in the past.  She helped me to understand the lifestyle patterns that were causing my downfall when it came to eating healthfully.  She also… >> more.

Comments on Yoga

I began practicing yoga as a form of physical therapy after having surgery due to a car accident. What started as a part of my rehabilitation cycle, quickly evolved into a form of exercise that has extraordinary benefits that are more than just physical.

Laura has been an integral part of my rehabilitation process and exercise program. She assesses the needs… >> more.