LEARN TO MEDITATE – Six week donation-based series

  • Tuesday, June 2-30
  • 10:00-11:00am Tuesdays
  • Live Streamed Zoom Meeting
This class is for all students, new or experienced. Learn how to prepare the mind for meditation, and how to sustain a meditation practice to support balance in the mind, emotions and body. Laura has been meditating for 30 years, and is a certified yoga therapist and holistic health coach. Bring a mat, cushion or firm blanket for sitting, and wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move. Donation-based means pay what you can, or what you feel you should. If you’re new to online classes, don’t worry. This is a great time to figure it out! Your background sound will be muted and I’m excited to make this available to you in your home or office.

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Although group yoga classes can render many benefits, personal transformation and overall health are best facilitated with personal instruction and a teacher-student relationship. In this way, yoga can be beneficial for stress management, self-care that supports health, and also personal growth. I work individually with each student to develop a practice specific to their desires and needs. Asana, breathing, meditation, and chanting may all be integrated into a practice.
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