Recovery from Chronic Pain and Stress

laine-webOver the course of a year, Laura taught me, a harried graduate student with severe neck pain, to learn how to breathe without pain or tension by meeting my body where it was, lying on my back, day in and day out, until it became natural. She listened patiently and warmly to what caused stress in my life and gave me the tiniest steps of breathing, shoulder movement, meditation and chants. She made adjustments along the way as new suggestions worked or didn’t for me, until those steps turned into bigger and bigger ones and I made progress. She also taught me to expect and feel happiness in a way that motivated me to make the bodily and psychological changes I needed to make to feel happiness more often.

If Laura hadn’t had the tremendous skill and belief that the tiniest changes can lead to a reorientation to life, I don’t think I would be the calm, happy person I am today. She is one of the most gifted, spiritual people I have ever met.

Laine Walters-Young